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Awaken Your hearts & champion something bigger than yourself


Heart + Action + Transformation

Are there many other things that bring people together better than a FREE, traveling, mini-festival focused on transforming communities? 

  • Start with the heart - by offering an entertaining atmosphere for all ages, providing engaging musical acts,  food/drink vendors and fun activities. Help us find a highly visible location right in the heart of your city or on a school campus to set up our mobile stage, for greater impact. 
  • Take action to awaken hearts - so many of our neighbors are living in the shadows of loneliness, depression and hopelessness. We want to awaken communities - inviting the attendees to live lives of service in practical ways that awaken hearts and transform communities with hope!
  • Transforming YOUR community - by creating a connection point with the community driven organizations in your city; providing practical ways to lovingly serve others. Together, we will work to champion and amplify those organization’s efforts by creating more awareness to reach their goals for greater effectiveness, through promotions, as well as a fundraiser at the event. The artists on the tour will not only invite, but also join with you in serving, fostering deeper relationships and transforming your community together. 



Raise your hand if you would you LOVE to see the chAMPion festival come to your city or school! Now use that hand to contact us at the phone number at the bottom of the page, emailing us at booking@championfestival.org or just keep scrolling and send an email from this page to take action and start something that matters!



It would be awesome to have you join this growing team of world changers, and shoot, why not take advantage of a tax break while you're at it?! Let's cut to the chase here. We are not funded by a rich uncle or a secret government agency. The chAMPion festival team is a non-profit division of Jerry Fee Music - a department of Artists in Christian Testimony Intl, a missions and ministry organization which provides the ministry 501c3 status, home office administrative services, financial integrity, and ministry accountability, coaching, and care. 

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With all of us working together, we can accomplish great things. To volunteer or contribute to our ministry, send us a message. We will get back to you soon.

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